Distributed Control and Monitoring
Generators Control and Power Management
Propulsion Plant and CPP Control
Dynamic Positioning and Joystick Control


Fire Detection Systems,  Gas Detection and Gas Sampling Systems
Voyage Data Recorders (VDR),  SAL Speed Logs

Tank Level and Draft Measurement
Stability Calculation (Loading Computers)
Acoustic Signaling
Sonic Cleaning

Oil Discharge Monitoring
Bilge Alarm Units

Tank Level Gauging Systems
Hydrological Instruments
Meteorological Instruments

Telephone and Public Address Systems
Talk Back and Loudhailing Systems
Batteryless Telephone Systems
Pager Systems

Level Transmitters
Pressure Transducers
Flow Transmitters
Analytical Transmitters and Recoders

Diesel Engines 20 HP to 2200 HP
Generator Sets 62 KW to 1634 KW
Waterjet Systems 230 HP to 650 HP
Sterndrive Systems 130 HP to 310 HP

Telegraph Systems
Control Units and Control Panels
Electric Shaft Systems

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